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Introduction to the Common Core State Standards (K-12)/Flex Course


Do you want to understand and learn how to implement the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics? This online course takes teachers on an in-depth tour of the Standards. By the end of this course, teachers will fully understand the scope of the Common Core State Standards and have an in-depth knowledge of what each standard means. Teachers also gain valuable guidance and procedures for implementing the Common Core State Standards in their classrooms. This course is worth 3 ⅓ semester units/5 quarter units from UC San Diego Extension. For detailed information on university credit, click here.

"I felt the content of this course was outstanding. I have already started suggesting it to my colleagues. Any teacher who wants to get in tune with the Common Core shift can benefit from this course." - Cris Rice


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Required Resource Book: This course has a modestly-priced required resource book (available in both new and used versions) that can be purchased through Amazon using the following link. Note that you can begin and participate in your course before the book arrives.

Assignments Matter: Making the Connections that Help Students Meet Standards” by Eleanor Dougherty

If you are registering for multiple courses, use the following link to access the book list for all PDI courses with direct purchase links through Amazon. PDI Course Resource Book List


Topical Outline / Click here to request a copy of the detailed syllabus

PDI Course Number: 49T02

UCSD Course Number: EDUC41515

Unit One

  • Why We Need a Common Set of Standards
  • The History of the Common Core State Standards
  • Standards Development
  • Assignment #1: Write an autobiography
  • Test #1

Unit Two

  • Introduction to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
  • Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • Standards for Mathematical Content K-8
  • Standards for Mathematical Content/High School
  • Assignment #2: Article reflection
  • Test #2

Unit Three

  • Introduction to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy
  • Anchor Standards
  • Reading Standards K-5
  • Writing Standards K-5
  • Speaking and Listening Standards K-5
  • Language Standards K-5
  • Assignment #3: Share your expertise
  • Test #3

Unit Four

  • Reading Standards 6-12
  • Writing Standards 6-12
  • Speaking and Listening Standards 6-12
  • Language Standards 6-12
  • Test #4

Unit Five

  • Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects
  • Building an In-Depth Understanding of Text Complexity
  • What about special populations?
  • Test #5

Unit Six

  • What about assessment?
  • Steps to Implementation
  • What’s next? The Next Generation Science Standards
  • Assignment #4: Analyze and compare standards
  • Assignment #5: Reading/Learning Log (Based on required resource book)