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August Special on All Classroom and Behavior Management Courses

Flex Courses Only $99 / Flex Course Plus University Credit Only $271

Offer Ends August 22nd


Professional Development Institute online courses are worth 3 ⅓ semester units (5 quarter units) of post-baccalaureate (graduate) credit from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Extension. UCSD is a WASC accredited university. If you register for a PDI online course with university credit, upon successful completion of all course requirements and timelines, you will receive an official transcript with a letter grade for the course.

Register for a PDI flex course for only $99 for all classroom and behavior management courses. All other courses only $149 or register for a flex course including credit from UCSD for only $271 for all classroom and behavior management courses. All other courses only $379.

Register for a semester course for only $199 or register for a semester course including credit from UCSD for only $429. Note that you should be sure to check with your district or state as to whether or not you are required to provide an official university transcript in order to receive proper credit for your course.

Course content is identical between flex courses and semester courses. The difference between the two options is that you can take up to one year to complete a flex course, whereas you must be finished by the end of the semester for a semester course. Additionally, a flex course has five online tests and five written assignments. A semester course has seven written assignments. Both course options are approved for post-baccalaureate (graduate) credit form UC San Diego Extension.


Flex-Time Course Benefits


Semester Course Benefits


Do you need to get a PDI course approved by your school district prior to registering? If so, feel free to print our "Introduction to PDI Online Courses" letter to submit with your approval request. Click here to view and/or print the letter.

Do you need a letter from UC San Diego Extension explaining the credit they provide for PDI courses? Click here for a letter from UC San Diego Extension's Director, Dr. Morgan Appel.

Still not convinced? Take a look at what other teachers say about PDI courses. Click here to read teacher testimonials.



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