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Red Arrow Best Practices for a Successful High School Classroom (9-12)

Are you a high school teacher interested in improving instructional strategies and classroom management? This online course provides opportunities for teachers to learn strategies for improving differentiation in their instruction by scaffolding for a variety of learning abilities including gifted students, English language learners, and special needs students.  Additionally, the course provides solutions for common obstacles at the high school level, including engagement strategies and time management. Throughout the course, teachers will find resources to use in the classroom, some for student management and others for instructional purposes. Teachers will also learn a variety of strategies for using technology to improve student learning and performance.

Red Arrow Comprehension Strategies for Middle and Upper Grades (4-12)

Do your good readers struggle to comprehend content area material? This online course focuses on strategies that help comprehension in the middle and upper grades. Content area reading becomes more difficult as students enter the middle grades. Typically students are not prepared to approach more sophisticated types of text and need specific skills and strategies to aid their comprehension. This course focuses on improving students’ comprehension skills. Strategies presented include: anticipation guides, DRTA, SQ3R, SEARCH, cloze procedure, maze technique, questioning techniques, text structure, guided comprehension, and self-assessment.

Red Arrow Designing and Creating a Virtual Field Trip (K-12)

Do you wish you had an unlimited budget for field trips? This online course teaches you how to develop a virtual field trip anywhere in the world based on any content area. Teachers learn how to locate relevant resources and develop an effective virtual field trip. Internet search strategies will be emphasized along with practical approaches to incorporating standards into the development of the virtual field trip. Note: You must have access to PowerPoint software to design your virtual field trip.

Red Arrow Designing and Creating a WebQuest (3-12)

Would you like to learn how to develop a content-based WebQuest? A WebQuest is an excellent way to integrate content curriculum with technology and the Internet. This online course focuses on how to develop a WebQuest based on any content area. Teachers begin with content standards and then develop the WebQuest based on a theme or topic that addresses the standards. Effective Internet search strategies will be emphasized in order to efficiently find appropriate WebQuest resources.

Red Arrow Digital Storytelling: Using Technology to Tell Stories (4-12)

Are you interested in creative ways to integrate writing, technology, and content curriculum? Digital storytelling is an excellent way to engage students because it allows them to use their vast technology skills to tell a story. This online course takes you from start to finish for the entire digital storytelling process. Learn how to design digital storytelling projects for all content areas allowing you to incorporate writing throughout the curriculum. Strategies and ideas are shared for story content as well as technology that can be used to produce the stories. Appropriate ways to assess digital stories will also be shared.

Red Arrow Educational Technology 101 (K-12)

Do you want to improve your technology skills and keep up with your students? This online course introduces you to all the latest technology you have been hearing about. Learn the basics of the following educational technology topics as well as how to use all of them in your classroom: blogs, classroom websites, podcasts, wikis, digital storytelling, YouTube and TeacherTube, virtual field trips, WebQuests and even social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. If you have a computer in your classroom, you need this course!

Red Arrow Effective Strategies to Improve Student Writing (4-12)

Do your students have trouble writing expository text such as persuasive essays, research papers, and analytical essays? Are you always asking them to be more descriptive in their narrative essays? This online course focuses on key writing skills. Details and strategies for every writing domain will be shared including graphic organizers, prompts, and rubrics for scoring. Each step of the writing process will also be explored.

Red Arrow Effective Strategies for New Teachers (K-12)

Are you a new teacher who needs some tried and true strategies and tips? This online course is specifically designed for teachers in their first few years of teaching. Topics addressed include engaging curriculum ideas, Common Core State Standards, writing quality lesson plans, assessment techniques, themes and literature ideas, management techniques, and discipline strategies.

Red Arrow Effectively Using iPads to Transform Your Classroom (K-12)

Do you love your iPad and want ways to use it in your classroom? This online course will teach you how to transform your classroom using your iPad. A plethora of apps are introduced that align with curriculum standards. The apps outlined in the course can be used to teach English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health, and the arts. Additionally, teachers learn about apps that can be used as classroom tools for instruction and assessment, as well as, those that can serve as platforms for the creation of multimedia components and projects.

Red Arrow Expository Writing: Focus on Research Reports (4-12)

Do your students struggle when they have to write anything other than a narrative essay or story? This online course focuses on helping students learn how to write research reports. The focus is on teaching students organizational patterns, as well as how to develop an outline and thesis statement. Teaching students how to do research and then read and paraphrase for writing will also be emphasized. Teachers gain key assessment strategies as well.

Red Arrow The Flipped Classroom: An Interactive Approach to Student Engagement (4-12)

Are you curious about the new flipped classroom model of teaching? This online course offer strategies to help you effectively implement flipped learning in your classroom. Based on the four pillars of the flipped learning model, teachers learn how to create a learner-centered classroom by moving instruction to the home. Teachers are provided with tips and strategies on how to create engaging instructional videos and develop interactive, collaborative, and hands-on classroom activities that foster self-directed learning skills. This course also offers specific information on how to flip each of the four main content areas, as well as, cooperative learning, grouping, and assessment strategies.

Red Arrow Google as a Classroom Tool for Learning (K-12)

Do you want to learn about the many ways you can use Google products in your classroom? This online course helps teachers learn how to navigate through the general interface of Google products. The searching, organizational, communication, and collaboration components of Google products will be highlighted to help teachers develop a deeper understanding of how Google can enhance learning among and between students. Teachers learn to utilize the basic tools of many educationally-relevant Google products and, with the use of such products, become skilled in creating curriculum standards-based lessons that help students learn in an efficient, effective, and engaged manner.

Red Arrow How to Manage Your Classroom for Student Success (K-12)

Are you searching for ways to help your students achieve success in your classroom? This online course helps you become a highly effective teacher. Topics addressed in this course include engaging curriculum ideas, writing quality lesson plans (with clear objectives that address key standards), assessment techniques (including authentic assessment such as rubrics and portfolios as well as standardized tests), themes and literature ideas, management techniques, discipline strategies (rewards and consequences), ELD techniques, and, of course, technology integration. 

Red Arrow Improving Your Students' Test Taking Skills (2-12)

Do you need strategies to help your students prepare for high-stakes testing? This online course helps you understand concepts related to standardized testing. In addition, it will help you work with students on test preparation and test taking skills. Teachers learn how to develop instructional strategies that help students as they aim for success in testing situations. Emphasis is on testing theory, helping students learn how to prepare for tests including the new Common Core assessments, and strategies that students can utilize while taking a test.

Red Arrow Instructional Strategies for ELD and SDAIE (K-12)

Do you have English Language Learners in your classroom? This online course will teach you how to use the into/through/beyond approach which is a proven effective model for working with ELLs. Attention will be given to ELD and SDAIE strategies such as scaffolding, schema building, and reformatting text. Both formal and informal assessment methods will also be shared.

Red Arrow Introduction to the Common Core State Standards (K-12)

Do you want to understand and learn how to implement the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics? This online course takes teachers on an in-depth tour of the Standards. By the end of this course, teachers will fully understand the scope of the Common Core State Standards and have an in-depth knowledge of what each standard means. Teachers also gain valuable guidance and procedures for implementing the Common Core State Standards in their classrooms.

Red Arrow Making the Most of the Internet in the Classroom (K-12)

Are you looking to find better ways to use the Internet in your classroom? Are you tired of conducting Internet searches and never quite finding what you really wanted? This online course teaches you (and your students) how to conduct effective and efficient online searches. Plus, teachers learn about creating search strategies and conducting digital research. Introductions to virtual field trips, interactive websites, WebQuests, and online scavenger hunts are also presented.

Red Arrow Multimedia Project Design and Development (K-12)

Do you want to learn how to create basic multimedia presentations to use in your classroom? In this online course, teachers learn how to take the proper steps toward designing an effective plan for assigning multimedia projects in the classroom. Learn how to properly plan for the multimedia project by determining standards and setting objectives. Strategies for organizing the project, creating cooperative groups, and effectively assessing student projects are discussed. Many multimedia platforms are detailed in addition to web-based tools and software for creating media elements.

Red Arrow The Next Generation Science Standards (K-12)

Have you tried to make sense of the Next Generation Science Standards without feeling successful? Are you overwhelmed because your district has recently adopted these new standards? This online course is designed for teachers in grades K-12 who want to begin to unpack the complexity of the Next Generation Science Standards. This course takes teachers through a step-by-step explanation of the standards, including how to interpret the science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas at each respective grade band. The role of curricula is discussed, as well as how Universal Design for Learning plays an important role in the assessment of the standards. Teachers will be introduced to an overview of assessment and how it applies to the Next Generation Science standards, as well as a brief overview of how to bundle some of the core ideas contained within the standards.

Red Arrow Positive Discipline: A Powerful Approach to Classroom Management (4-12)

What are the first thoughts that come into your head when you hear the word discipline? Students that don’t follow rules, students who constantly misbehave, your overall troublemakers? You probably think of discipline as how you manage the problem students. This course helps teachers learn new and innovative ways for managing and controlling behavior using traditional and non-traditional, positive methods for discipline. Teachers are provided with many resources and ideas to effectively manage their classrooms and student behavior while proactively promoting organization, communication, safety, structure, and a positive classroom environment that supports learning.

Red Arrow Preparing Students for the Common Core Assessments (K-12)

Are you ready to administer the new Common Core assessments in your classroom? This online course helps teachers understand the impact of the Common Core Assessments and how they influence teaching strategies, curriculum design, and non-summative assessment methods. The course also provides detailed information on important shifts from standardized testing to the new assessments that impact the way lessons are developed and taught. Teachers also gain important strategies for helping students prepare for the Common Core Assessments, including study and test-taking tips. A multitude of resources, including sample test items, are included as well to ensure the teacher has the tools and information necessary to prepare for the Common Core Assessments.

Red Arrow Reaching Students Through Character Education (K-12)

Do you have students who just won't behave? Do you notice a lack of manners and respect? In this online course, teachers learn the six building blocks of character and how to explore them with students through discussions, activities, and projects. You will learn how to teach students to make the right choices in problem situations and help build their awareness of accountability for their actions.

Red Arrow Reading to Learn: Developing Strategic Reading Skills (4-12)

Why do excellent early readers often begin to struggle when they hit the middle grades? This online course answers that question and provides solutions as well. Students tend to approach content text the same way they approach literature. Students need to learn how to read content material. Teachers will learn how to develop active instructional strategies that facilitate student acquisition and development of reading skills in a variety of disciplines. Emphasis is on vocabulary development and comprehension strategies that work.

Red Arrow Study Smarter Not Harder: Study Skills for Students (4-12)

Do your students need study skills training to help them become better students and test takers? This online course provides techniques, ideas, and resources for helping students to develop their study skills such as the use of mnemonics, time management and note-taking skills, and the ability to establish a good study environment. With the use of visual aids, innovative strategies, and helpful worksheets, teachers will be able to develop their students’ study skills and help take the fear out of test-taking.

Red Arrow Using Children's Literature in the Classroom (K-12)

Do you love using children’s books in your classroom? Do you want to find out about excellent new books and fun ways to use them in your classroom? This online course focuses on the best children’s books available to use in all four content areas. Fun and educational ideas for using children’s literature will be shared. If you love children’s books….don’t miss this class!

Red Arrow Using Google Classroom for Teaching and Learning (K-12)

Do you have Google Classroom and want to fully understand how to maximize its potential? In this course, teachers will learn how to use all the features of Google Classroom to enhance their teaching. Strategies for using the announcement, question, and assignment options to enhance the learning process will be emphasized. Strategies for differentiating instruction using the features of Google Classroom will be explored. Specific instructions for integrating Google Classroom with other Google products, as well as, educational extensions and apps will be shared. Additionally, instructions for using the Google Classroom mobile app will be provided.

Red Arrow Vocabulary Instruction for Improved Reading Skills (4-12)

Do your students have a limited vocabulary? This online course focuses on how to improve students' vocabulary in the middle and upper grades. The course begins with options for vocabulary assessment. The results of the assessment will be used to guide instruction and select appropriate and effective instructional strategies. Strategies presented include word roots, semantic feature analysis, categorization, analogies, concept maps, traditional resources, and cloze procedure to name just a few.

Red Arrow Young Adult Literature in the Classroom (4-12)

Are you trying to incorporate more quality literature into your curriculum? This online course focuses on strategies for teaching literary elements using young adult novels. Specific definitions, strategies, and activities will be shared for teaching critical literary elements such as character development, setting, plot, symbolism, point of view, and style. Resources for selecting quality young adult novels will also be shared.

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