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A New Approach to Spelling Instruction (K-6)/Semester Course


Are you bored with teaching the same spelling lessons each week? This course is designed for educators interested in learning a variety of ways to teach essential spelling skills to their students. Spelling is an essential and complex skill and an important component of the overall language arts curriculum. Instead of looking at spelling as a memorization process, spelling should be thought of as a building block of literacy development. In this course, teachers will learn a variety of proven ways to increase students' spelling skills using interactive, developmental, and fun activities. Strategies such as word families, mnemonics, and self-correction model will all be shared. Teachers will also gain technology resources that can be used to promote spelling and vocabulary development. This course is worth 3 ⅓ semester units/5 quarter units from UC San Diego Extension. For detailed information on university credit, click here.

"I loved this course. The ideas and resources are outstanding. I am actually excited about teaching spelling now!" - Geraldine McKay


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Required Resource Book: This course has a modestly-priced required resource book (available in both new and used versions) that can be purchased through Amazon using the following link. Note that you can begin and participate in your course before the book arrives.

Spelling K-8: Planning and Teaching” by Diane Snowball and Faye Bolton

If you are registering for multiple courses, use the following link to access the book list for all PDI courses with direct purchase links through Amazon. PDI Course Resource Book List


Topical Outline / Click here to request a copy of the detailed syllabus

PDI Course Number: 97AXX

UCSD Course Number: EDUC41492

Unit One

  • Introduction to Spelling Instruction
  • The Connection Between Spelling and Literacy
  • Spelling Assessment
  • Assignment #1: Write an autobiography/Write an article reflection

Unit Two

  • Common Core State Standards for Spelling
  • Invented Spelling
  • The Stages of Developmental Spelling
  • Assignment #2: Assess students' spelling development

Unit Three

  • Instructional Spelling Groups
  • Simple Spelling Games to Use in the Classroom
  • Mnemonics and Other Strategies
  • The Connection Between Vocabulary and Spelling
  • Assignment #3: Create a fun and interactive spelling game

Unit Four

  • Word Families
  • Technology and Spelling
  • Websites that Promote Spelling and Vocabulary Development
  • Assignment #4: Locate interactive websites

Unit Five

  • Spelling Self-Correction Model
  • Integrating Spelling Instruction with Writing
  • Assignment #5: Create a model writing piece

Unit Six

  • Commonly Misspelled Words
  • Spelling Principles to Know and Teach
  • Spelling Homework
  • Assignment #6: Develop a spelling lesson plan
  • Assignment #7: Reading/Learning Log (Based on required resource book)