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Classroom and Behavior Management Award of Completion Program


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The Professional Development Institute, in association with the prestigious University of California San Diego Extension (UCSD), has established a Classroom and Behavior Management Competency Program. Today's classrooms are diverse places filled with students who have a wide range of academic, behavior, and social-emotional needs.

PDI has thirteen courses which are specifically designed to help teachers effectively manage their classrooms, as well as a wide variety of student behaviors. Through PDI's new Classroom and Behavior Management Competency Program, if you complete four of the eight courses detailed below, you will receive a Classroom and Behavior Management Award of Completion from the University of California San Diego Extension. Upon PDI's verification of satisfactory completion of the requirements, UCSD will mail a certificate to you suitable for framing and display in your classroom or to become part of your professional portfolio.

Review the details below to find out how to get started in this exciting special program.

Green Line

To obtain the PDI/UCSD Classroom and Behavior Management Award of Completion, simply follow the steps below.

If you have questions about this program, please contact the PDI Program Coordinator, Samantha Moore, at


** UCSD and PDI require that you spend a minimum of three weeks in EACH of your online courses. In other words, if you register for two online courses, you will be expected to spend three weeks in each course for a total of six weeks altogether. The timeline begins from the day you register and runs consecutively, not concurrently, when taking multiple courses. Completion paperwork will not be processed until the minimum timeline requirement has been met. Both PDI and UCSD are intent on ensuring that the participant is able to maximize the knowledge gained by meaningful involvement in the program.



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